Direct Investments

The current state of the wealth management industry is often perceived as flawed, as it primarily caters to the mass affluent segment rather than meeting the unique needs of the ultra-wealthy. This has given rise to the multi-family office model, which has provided some solutions. However, individuals with significant wealth, ranging from tens of millions to over $100 million, still face challenges in accessing suitable direct investment structures, deal origination opportunities, and comprehensive strategies tailored to their specific requirements.

Our mission is to bridge this gap and address these unmet needs. We are committed to providing tailored solutions that empower ultra-wealthy individuals with the tools and opportunities to manage their wealth effectively, pursue direct investments, and capitalize on unique strategies that reflect their financial standing and aspirations. Our focus is on delivering unparalleled value and service to this distinct clientele, ensuring they receive the attention and expertise they deserve.

Superior Deal Flow: As a globally recognized top 5 thought leader in the family office sector, we offer distinct advantages to our clients. These include access to superior direct investment opportunities, as well as a refined set of strategies, structures, and origination pathways that enable families to make more effective direct investments. Our unique insights stem from multiple sources, including the participation of hundreds of investors at our sister company’s (Family Office Club) conferences, our bestselling book on single-family offices, our Family Office Podcast, and our websites, and Furthermore, our pioneering approach has established us as the largest community of registered family offices worldwide, and we hold the distinction of being the first to publish books on the topics of single-family offices and centimillionaires. It is important to note that our sister company, the Family Office Club, incurs an annual overhead of over $5 million, which translates into valuable ideas and deal flow for the clients of Centimillionaire Advisors, LLC. Our 15+ year track record in building this position allows us to offer our clients the benefits derived from this extensive expertise and network.

If you’re interested in exploring how we can work together to build your family office solution or develop a performance-fee-only direct investment program, we invite you to schedule a video call with us. Let’s discover the best approach for your unique needs and objectives.